10 fiends (animal) 12 rounds (all shot) 13 bells (chime all)
Powder smoke, effervescence all over the holy grounds
Now we woke, straight to the pits as we walk through the fire
Syllable, hearts in the wrong place but I still do desire
Deranged, I fear no monster, no man, no more
A red right hand, opalescent tears that crumble empires
It’s a killshot, no smoke, no joke, salvation beckons
I earned my right to erase all those I despise, I’m splitting
I’m the master of my universe, angels that dare defy set ablaze
Sweet anger I relish, plunge my fist, ghosts of my past I buried
Chained still, I envy, the bars were never really the enemy
Who saves the kid who saves other kids?
Mass destruction I crave, stray pellets I venerate
Hit me! I’ve waited all my life
Lift me, to the sky that denies
Drag me, where the ashes fly
I’ve truly lost all will to survive, now I ruminate.

Now I say that but I still got to wake up and take flight
Walk till my legs don’t give up, crawling, I held my palms up high
Save me I’m here on the ground, floor turning to lava
Gulping me, the flames can’t touch me
Hell got nothing on the anger I feel
Burst I will, Hell shall freeze for I am no longer
The kid still yearns his savior, burn me
And I’ll wake up like it was nothing, you can’t kill me
Hurt me and I’ll smile and leave, no repercussions
I’ve lived a million lifetimes, part of a collective conscience
You can’t stop me, my only limitation is me
Feel it? Who judges the god that judges everybody?
All plea for help keep bouncing back, the mountains don’t want me
The echoes nothing but a symphony I make believe
Dance like it was meant to be, the savior with a red hand has come for me
My hero looks down on me, chuckling like he heard something
Funny how things work out, familiar apparition laughs aloud
It was me all along, the red hand reaches out
Stop resisting, it’s futile, I’m barely senile to begin with
You’ll never see me crying, dehydrated a long ago
Thirsty and tired, I just want to close my eyes for a while
Sleep? What luxury? The dead never needed it
But I will never die, who kills the man who killed himself already?

Almost down to my last verse, bible for the damned
20years too long, but not a moment more, I’m done
Wonder what’s on the other side, does it even have green
No time to daydream, grab hold what I can with my fist while I still breathe
Smaller than my beating heart as I walk forth with half a lung
Why was it me and what more do I need? Answer me
Borderline, the abyss smiles ready to take me in
Dare I refuse? Deal with the devil got me nowhere
Forgotten what made me who I am, as I wander on top of clouds
Apathetic no more, but the colors long gone, stoic and calm
Swore I’d bring it all down, now I rummage through the dirt
For soul long lost, resuscitation a hobby
Reborn now, My hero is no more, was it me all along?
The cycle never ends, when was the last time you saw me without a red hand?
No more mass destruction for I’m finally dead, only 10 more to go, so go slow
Who is the real me that was hurting all these time?
He died, we were truly late, unapologetic and unabashed
Nobody saved the kid who saved other kids
I am thou and thou art I, my heart might just yet change
Till then I’m just gonna ruminate

[Cito locutus est, Non absque dolo
Superstes ero, volo vivere]




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